Small Businesses Create More Jobs Nationwide than Big Businesses

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Spirit of Texas Bank

Spirit of Texas Bank is a community bank that focuses on customer care. It has 14 locations, including its newest location, serving Colleyville and Grapevine in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

Community banks promote growth in the local economy by sponsoring small business loans, farming loans, and family loans. Where a large bank might have corporate offices in one state and offer services in another, a community bank has officers in the local branch to meet the requests of its clientele. Community banks are more likely to look at the person, their character, and their circumstances when a loan application is received, whereas larger banks often make lending decisions based primarily on credit scores.

Small businesses are the major source of employment, contributing 55 percent of all jobs to the workforce. Since 1990, big business has lost 4 million jobs while small businesses gained 8 million.

Community banks are small businesses themselves, so they understand the financial needs of the small business owner. Spirit of Texas Bank is invested in the community, offering small business loans to build the local economy and encourage growth and expansion.


Texas Bankers Association Conducts Senior Lender Forum

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Texas Bankers Association


The Spirit of Texas Bank provides its clients with a wide array of personal and business banking services. It is also affiliated with the Texas Bankers Association (TBA), a group which represents 85% of all banks in the state of Texas. As a member, the Spirit of Texas Bank supports TBA’s goal to promote financial education.

TBA conducts a series of programs and events to achieve this goal, one of which is the Senior Lender Forum. This event is created to provide senior lenders a venue where they can exchange information, insights, and strategies relating to the business of lending. During the forum, participants are also encouraged to raise important issues that can affect their banking institutions. An atmosphere of partnership and cooperation will be established among all non-competing participants of the event.

The Senior Lender Forum will be held on December 1, 2016, at the Texas Bankers Association office in Austin. Mr. Clarence Pail Sims, President of Guided Solutions, will be leading the forum.

Texas Bankers Association Webinar to Address New Standards

Texas Bankers Association pic
Texas Bankers Association

A leading loan firm and provider of a full array of financial services, Spirit of Texas Bank operates with the philosophy of Texans Helping Texans. Spirit of Texas Bank also maintains membership with the Texas Bankers Association (TBA), which offers a wide assortment of educational opportunities for members and industry players. Upcoming webinars include one called the Assessing Diversity Policies & Practices: Final Interagency Statement.

The webinar addresses the series of new advisory standards outlining a range of activities and programs that became effective in 2015. According to the new standards, banks may participate in voluntary self-assessments to demonstrate their commitment to compliance and improve their standing the public and Federal Reserves. Information presented during the webinar will include an outline of the standards and offer guidance on how to satisfy new expectations regarding entering into procurement relationships with businesses owned by women and minorities. In addition, participants may receive two continuing education credits for the Texas Board of Public Accountability, the HR Certification Institute, and the Society for Human Resource Management, respectively.

Registration fees for the webinar vary according to membership with the TBA and webinar format. Participants may choose between two formats: live and on-demand. On-demand registration allows access to the recorded webinar and related materials for six months.

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